In the Wings - Firebird

Oils on canvas / Theatre, Ballet, Opera


This dramatic oil painting is the result of the many years the artist has worked on-stage and back-stage, drawing dancers, singers and actors in performance. Halliday is the most accomplished artist working in this field today. He works without a camera, catching a sense of movement 'on the wing' entirely through his own bravura drawing. This produces a spontaneous virtuoso line which is immediately identifiable as the 'Halliday' style.
This painting shows several ballet dancers associated with the ballet 'The Firebird'; but they are seen backstage either waiting to go on or watching the others prepare. Don Quixote is sitting on a chair on the right hand side of the painting.


  • Artist: Alan Halliday
  • Dimensions: H 114cm x W 162cm
    H 45" x W 64"
  • Reference Number: 1111